Disney axing this character meet and greet is absolutely ridiculous

Disney will not bring back this pre-Covid character to meet guests and the reason is absurd
The sign for Magic Kingdom on the monorail platform. Photo Credit: Brian Miller
The sign for Magic Kingdom on the monorail platform. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

Disney World executives continue to take things a little further than they need to. While some characters at Disney World probably shouldn't be around, the tradition of Disney is getting streamlined and not in a good way.

Disney confirmed that there is no plan to bring back a fan favorite character for meet and greets and it is the reason behind the decision that is horribly misguided. According to reports, Tinker Bell will not be returning to Magic Kingdom and the signage with her name on it in Towne Square Center has been removed as well.

Tinker Bell did not return after Disney opened following COVID, and other characters didn't immediately return either. Disney Stories Matter is a team that reports potential problems to executives. The problems? Apparently, Tinker Bell is too "body conscious and jealous of Peter Pan," writes Patricia Battle of TheStreet.com

Without getting into an entire political debate, at some point, we have to realize that classic characters loved by generations don't need to be pulled by someone who may view them as potentially problematic. We can't rewrite history, and while some moves like Tiana's soon-to-be-open Bayou Adventure make sense as a replacement for a Song of the South-inspired ride, make, like Tiana's soon-to-be-open, not everything needs to be changed, turned, or canceled.

As Patricia pointed out, Nelson Peltz who tried to take over a high spot on the Board of Directors, said that "People go to a movie or show to be entertained. They don't go to get a message." This via an interview with Financial Times last month.

The truth is that Disney is making a lot of changes to their characters, their history, and so on. We could argue and debate the topic, but Disney will do what they believe is the right thing, even when it is wrong. The meet and greet with Tinker Bell was fun and even unique as guests would be "shrunk" to her size for the meet. Now, there is nothing because someone, somewhere, might find her actions offensive. It's a big change that some will be thrilled about. It's one that I and others are not.