What is Disney's Boardwalk?

The Boardwalk at Disney World...
The Boardwalk at Disney World... / John Greim/GettyImages
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Where can you shop on the Boardwalk? 

Besides the great restaurants, the Boardwalk also boasts some good shopping. It may not be on the level of Disney Springs, but a couple of unique stores make it a good place to pick up special souvenirs (not to mention a lot of Disney pins). 

  • Disney’s Character Carnival: This store stocks Disney apparel and accessories, houseware items, pins, and spirits.
  • Screen Door General Store: This is the shop if you’re looking to stock up on food and spirits. The General Store also stocks pins.
  • Thimbles and Threads: This shop includes Disney apparel and accessories, as well as Disney pins.
  • Wyland Galleries of Florida: A high-end art gallery shop.

What recreation is at Disney’s Boardwalk?

The Boardwalk has some fun bits, like being able to rent bikes for some quick rides, and, like the other Epcot resorts, gives guests a chance to rent a variety of boats for the lake area. It also boasts the best selection of nightly entertainment since the end of the much-loved Pleasure Island area. 

  • Atlantic Dance Hall: Located at the west end of the BoardWalk, this entertainment venue plays music from the 80s, 90s, and today within this art deco ballroom. The Atlantic Dance Hall also has beautiful balcony views of the water if you need a break from the groove. Guests must be 21+ to enter.
  • Jellyrolls: This highly popular music bar offers nightly entertainment with dueling pianists who take audience requests, mixing the music with great comedy. Jellyrolls is found near the Atlantic Dance Hall on the west end of the BoardWalk. Guests must be 21+ and pay an admission fee.
  • Carnival Games and Arcade: There are some classic carnival games set up that allow guests to win a variety of prizes as well as an arcade stocked with both new and classic video games.

Also, there are regular entertainers, from jugglers to musicians, who regularly tour the Boardwalk. Check the daily WDW schedule to find out who performs when. 


Is there a charge for Disney’s Boardwalk?

Admission to the Boardwalk area itself is completely free to any guests. The one charge required is for Jellyrolls, but the Atlantic Dance Hall itself is free. The hours can vary depending on the day, generally opening early in the morning until 10 pm or midnight on weekends. 

With its mix of dining, shopping, entertainment, and more, Disney’s Boardwalk is a wonderful way for guests to get a little nightlife excitement at Walt Disney World.