How to do Disney on a budget: Money-saving tips for your upcoming vacation

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. Photo courtesy of Matthew Liebl
Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. Photo courtesy of Matthew Liebl /
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Bring Your own food

It’s no secret that Disney meals can be pretty expensive, even for snacking. Thus, bringing your own food is a terrific idea. A common trick my family used for WDW visits was to stop at a nearby Publix to load up on scores of groceries. It’s not just for small snacks either, as many Disney resorts have in-room mini-kitchens to whip together sandwiches or other meals.

Disney allows you to bring your own food into the parks as well. So load up a small lunchbox or cooler and you can save on having to purchase Disney's expensive food.

Snack more than a full meal

Tying into the food issue, Disney does boast some terrific places to eat, but these can be expensive. Even the quick service restaurants are pricy. As fun as a full-square meal is, it can be better for the wallet to settle for quick dining than a bigger meal, as those can be more than enough to satisfy.

If you do pick a sit-down spot, go for the kid’s menu options, which are smaller but still very filling. It’s not just cheaper but also saves you time that can be used in the parks as the faster meals can be better for the budget.