Disney Channel's longest-running live-action show is finally coming to an end

After seven seasons, Bunk'd will be ending its run on the Disney Channel in 2024. When can you see the finale of the longest-running live-action show?

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Disney Channel’s longest-running live-action series is finally coming to an end. When will Bunk’d air its final episodes?

The shelf life for most Disney Channel shows is roughly four to five seasons, with a few ending after only two. That even includes the big hits like Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana and others. 

That’s what makes Bunk’d so unique. The series began as a spin-off of the hit Jessie as Emma (Peyton List), Zuri, and Ravi headed to a summer camp in Maine. Along with them was Miranda May, playing excitable camp counselor Lou.

The show has been successful in retooling itself over the seasons. At the end of Season 3, Emma, Zuri, and Ravi all left, with Lou now becoming director of the camp with several new characters.

Season 6 had another change as Lou opened a second summer camp, modeled after a dude ranch with the show’s title changed to Bunk’d: Learning the Ropes. The series has remained one of the Disney Channel’s most successful, as Part 1 of Season 7 was summer 2023’s second most-watched live-action series. 

But all good things must come to an end and Bunk’d will be shutting down for good. 

When does Bunk’d’s final episodes air?

The show had been midway through filming on Season 7 when the Writers Guild of America strike shut down production in May 2023. The first half of the season ended on December 1st, with the show’s landmark 150th episode airing in September. 

With the strikes settled, production is now underway, with Disney ordering additional episodes to bring Season 7 to a full 22 episodes with a big finale. 

In a statement to Deadline, Ayo Davis, President of Disney Branded Television, praised the series and its success. 

“With a fantastic cast of characters and hilarious and heartful storylines, it’s no wonder Bunk’d has been one of Disney Channel’s longest running and successful live action series. We’d like to thank our talented cast, creative team and crew for bringing tremendous joy and laughter to kids for seven incredible seasons.”

With production ongoing, there’s no date yet for when the final ten episodes of the series will be released in 2024. No doubt, the writers are reworking plans for a big finale, likely bringing back some past characters. 

Fans can enjoy the current run and marvel at how this summer camp lasted seven seasons for Disney Channel’s longest-running show. 

Bunk’d Seasons 1-7 streaming on Disney+.