Disney delays two big motion pictures off the 2024 calendar, pushing to 2025

In a surprise move, Disney is pushing the anticipated Snow White and Elio movies to 2025! Why the long delay and when will they now premiere?
HI MOM! – In Disney and Pixar’s “Elio,” America Ferrera lends her voice to the smart and
HI MOM! – In Disney and Pixar’s “Elio,” America Ferrera lends her voice to the smart and /

Get ready for some notable delays for Disney. Two of their would-be big movies of 2024, Snow White and Elio, are now pushed to 2025. 

Right now, Hollywood is in a massive flux due to the ongoing Screen Actors Guild strike. While the Writers Guild strike was settled, until SAG is handled, no productions can begin. While there’s hope for some breakthrough in negotiations, if the SAG strike drags for the rest of the year, it can affect release dates for 2024 movies. 

That’s now been proven as Disney announced they are pushing the release dates for two of their planned 2024 films to 2025. There could be other issues involved, such as the lack of actors needed to complete them or both films needing actors to promote them but it’s still notable. 

The first is the new live-action Snow White, starring Rachel Zegler as the title character with Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen. Set to open on March 22, 2024, it will now open on March 21, 2025. The movie has gotten some controversy over the casting of the Seven Dwarves, so perhaps a bit more distance is smart. 

More surprising is that the Pixar film Elio, set to open on March 1, 2024, is now being delayed to June 13, 2025. The movie focuses on a young boy who’s mistakenly believed to be Earth’s leader by an alien council and has to represent the planet. 

Disney isn’t the only studio doing big shifts, as Warner Bros has to push the planned Dune Part 2 from November of 2023 to March of 2024. Bigger is Paramount pushing Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 2 to 2025. However, that one has a good excuse, as less than half of the film was completed before the SAG strike happened. 

Some may be concerned Disney pushing these releases so far back means they expect the SAG strike to drag on longer. Snow White may still need some post-production work requiring actors, but Elio had already featured a trailer and appeared done, so pushing it over a year off is more surprising. It may be that Disney hopes it can be better off in the summer of 2025 instead of next March. 

There's also how Disney President Bob Iger recently discussed the company's slew of box office disappointments this year and that they would have to adjust things. Iger may be thinking putting off two big-budget projects a bit and concentrating on smaller films for 2024 can help Disney's bottom line.

There’s always the mild chance Disney can shift the release dates once more if the SAG strike ends sooner than expected. For now, however, Disney’s adjustment of their 2024 calendar shows they’re making some moves due to the strikes.