Disney guests can catch early topiary additions at EPCOT ahead of the Garden Festival

The Arts Festival at EPCOT will end on Monday and the Garden Festival will not start until the end of the month, but topiaries are already making debuts.
The EPCTO sign outside the monorail platform exit. Photo Credit: Brian Miller
The EPCTO sign outside the monorail platform exit. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

For guests who will be visiting EPCOT between festivals, it can be a bit of a letdown. There are soon-to-be-open food kiosks and nothing more but actually, there is.

Disney does an incredible job of hiding their work by completing tasks after hours when the parks are closed. While Magic Kingdom can literally transform into a Halloween paradise overnight and then in a span of hours convert to Christmas when the park closes down, other parks take a little more time.

Ahead of the Arts Festival, sidewalk artists have already begun adding drawings around the Port of Entry to World Showcase but overnight changes otherwise were hard to notice. The night before the festival started, the signage was put up around the park.

Now, EPCOT is prepping to close down one festival and open another. There will be 8 days between festivals with a lot of work to do. Disney has already started to put this year's topiaries on display around EPCOT and for those visiting during the 8 days prior to the festival start.

Over the course of the next week, all of the topiaries will be on display. There will probably be a few that will make their debuts at the park and those are likely to appear on the night of the 27th and early morning hours of the 28th, when the festival starts.

There is more, however. EPCOT can't simply roll out all the flowers either. Across the entire park, including the entry of EPCOT, flowers in the beds will be on full display ahead of the festival start and those guests with keen eyes who take notice will get a first look at this year's theming.

Many guests tend not to show up during the lull between festivals while others do to avoid larger crowds but there is opportunity to enjoy some of the festivals before they actually begin and this week will be fun for guests not intending to visit during the week.