The Haunted Mansion: Ranking every version of the classic Disney attraction

Behind the Attraction: Haunted Mansion. Image courtesy Disney+
Behind the Attraction: Haunted Mansion. Image courtesy Disney+ /
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The Haunted Mansion's history is among the most unique of Disney. Originally intended as a walk-through attraction, it was one of the last rides Walt Disney supervised before his death. It was then the first major attraction that opened after his passing and quickly became a hit. Its "Omnimover" system set a new bar for Disney, and it's little wonder that the Mansion has been transplanted into various Disney parks around the world. 

With a new Haunted Mansion movie ready to hit theaters this July, it's a good time to look at the various versions of the Mansion around the world. It's interesting how Disney has had to shift them for different cultures, yet all retain the fun of a trip through a house of 999 ghosts and ghouls amid some fun scares. Here's how each version of the Haunted Mansion ranks to show Disney can love to mix up this classic attraction. 

5. Tokyo Disneyland

Calling something the "worst" Haunted Mansion may seem extreme, as it's still a great ride. However, the Tokyo installment of the ride does seem less a "must-ride" than the other Mansions. It gets points for its fun placement by Fantasyland to play into ghost stories and the outer manor mixing elements of both Florida and California. There are a few touches like a "stretching face" painting and other effects, but for the most part, it's just a carbon copy of the rides in the U.S. It does have the holiday overlay and is popular for the guests but not as top-notch as the other Mansions. 

4. Disneyland

It's hard to argue with the original version, which has been scaring folks since 1969. Aside from the Hatbox Ghost, which is coming to the Disney World version, the ride can feel a bit lacking, especially in the enhanced effects department. However, the manor looks excellent in New Orleans Square and is still fun to take the portrait room elevator down for a unique loading area.

It also gets added points for its yearly holiday overlay themed to The Nightmare Before Christmas, which automatically makes it a must-ride. While it may lack some of the sparks of other versions, the original Mansion is still magical to so many guests.