Disney Illusion Island: What to know about this new Mickey and friends Nintendo Switch game

The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse, Disney Plus
The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse, Disney Plus /

Disney is about to release their newest video game, Disney Illusion Island, for the Nintendo Switch. Here's what to know about this new co-op game and how it captures the Disney magic!

For decades, Disney has put out scores of video games for various systems. They range from tie-ins to hit Disney films to some original works featuring some of Disney's beloved characters. Obviously, Mickey Mouse has a few games under his belt, although it's been a while since he got one of his own.

One thing all these games have in common is that Disney licensed them to other studios. But the new Disney Illusion Island game is being developed by Dlala Studios and published by Disney Games. Thus, a lot is riding on this game to succeed, but early indications are it's going to be a winner. 

What is Disney Illusion Island about?

The game is a platformer inspired by such classic games as Castlevania and Metroid. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald each receive a letter, supposedly to a nice picnic. Instead, they're brought to a distant island by the Monoth, a race that needs help. Long ago, a mystical gem protected their land, but it was shattered into three large tomes. The Monoth needs the gang to regain the tomes and save their island from disaster. 

The game is designed after the more recent Mickey and Minnie cartoons, a bright animated style spread across the inventive levels. The group has to traverse a variety of challenging levels to find the tomes, exploring the different areas of the island, from towns to beaches and more, all in hopes of saving the day. 

How many players can there be in Illusion Island?

The game can be played in single-player mode. However, Disney has designed it to be best with up to four players in co-play. The Nintendo Switch's capabilities aid that, and it's added on by how some moves and areas can only be accessed by having multiple players. Thus, the more players, the better the game is. 

How does the gameplay work?

The game relies mostly on classic platforming with a lot of jumping around for the players. Each character has their own unique style, with Mickey the best jumper, Minnie able to "float" short distances, Goofy more lumbering but stronger, and Donald able to slip through smaller spots. 

Notably, the "combat" is mostly just them stomping on enemies but no serious violence. In fact, if a player's health runs out, rather than "dying," the character gets stamped and sent to the last checkpoint. Overall the game emphasizes fun for all ages rather than some more brutal attacks. 

When does Disney Illusion Island come out? 

The game is scheduled to be released for the Nintendo Switch on July 28. That's both a physical copy and a digital download for $39.99. The game is exclusive only to that system, not PS5 or Xbox One. 

With its imaginative gameplay, beautiful animation, and use of classic characters, Disney Illusion Island looks to be a fun entry in the Disney video game library and brings Mickey and his friends to wonderful life for gaming fans.