Disney is missing out with their American Pavilion merchandise because they have none

Inside take a trip through American history. Image courtesy Brian Miller
Inside take a trip through American history. Image courtesy Brian Miller /

Disney World is missing out merchandising opportunities and there is simply no way to explain why!

World Showcase at EPCOT is one of my absolute must-dos when I visit Disney World. No matter what, I always visit EPCOT. World Showcase is the magical loop you have to make. From the food to the interactions with cast members from each of the countries, it all is a fantastically themed world.

But there is one glaring issue that I simply can't ignore or for that matter figure out. Where is the American Pavilion merchandise?

If I go to the U.K. pavilion or the France pavilion, or any other freaking pavilion in World Showcase, there are gift shops that represent each country. I can buy t-shirts or sweatshirts with Ireland on them, or Norway, or Canada, but I can't in the American pavilion.

I can buy mugs that rep each country or simple nicknacks. I can, in some cases, even buy Disney-themed merch in those countries. In the U.K. I can buy Winnie the Pooh stuff but at the American Pavilion, I can't buy so much as a hat with the U.S. flag on it or a Mickey hat with his head red, white, and blue. Why?

I have been asked by out-of-country guests where they can get a Mickey coffee mug with the U.S. flag on it. I tell them I haven't seen them and they should try Walmart.

Maybe it is because you can buy American merch anywhere else in the U.S. but Disney is missing an opportunity to sell U.S.A Disney sweatshirts, jackets, hats, or anything at all at EPCOT because at the American Pavilion, there is no gift shop of any kind. Normally, I would complain about there being too many but in a country-themed land like World Showcase where every single other country has items related to them, the U.S. has none.

What's wrong with selling merchandise that represents the western U.S. or the northern part of the country? Or anything?