Disney is not being fair to AP holders as it relates to reservations

In early January, Disney World will remove the need for reservations at their four parks, for everyone but annual passholders.

An assortment of Disney AP magnets
An assortment of Disney AP magnets /

January will mark the return to pre-COVID entry in Disney World theme parks. On January 9th, no reservations will be needed unles you are a passholder.

I know, it gets pretty nitpicky when you start complaining about the perks of being an Annual Passholder at Disney World but in this case, it could be warranted.

For all date-based tickets, guests will no longer need an accompanying reservation but if you are an AP holder, a cast member, or have a ticket with no specific dates...you need a reservation.

Disney has set up what they are terming "Good-To-Go" dates for those who still need a reservation. For AP holders, the number of reservations you can make at a time is dependant on the type of pass you hold. For example, the Pixie Pass allows guests only three reservations at a time.

Now, AP holders and others can look at the calendar and make their reservations as they have for almost three years now but will also be able to head to the parks on days designated "Good-to-Go" without a reservation.

What we don't know is how this will work exactly in terms of how many days a month will be "good-to-go". Will days designated as such change throughout the day? For example, if you leave your hotel and head to the park could you arrive to find it is no longer, you know, good to go?

Will it change day-to-day or will this be a case of once it is marked as such it won't change? For many AP holders who are Florida residents, heading to the parks can often be a spur of the moment type deal.

I can understand, a little, why cast members may need to use the reservation system. They enter the parks for free but open-date tickets have been purchased and APs are also paid for. The restrictions on both are a little bit, unfair if we are being honest.

If there is any good news for AP holders and other guests, the restrictions on park hopping ends on January 9th. No more waiting until 2:00 pm. In addition, any guest requiring a reservation for park entry can enter any park after 4:00 without the need of a reservation.