Disney is reportedly developing a Kingdom Hearts adaptation, but one key detail is still unknown

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Full disclosure, Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite video game franchises of all time. An action-role-playing video game franchise that mixes all the different characters from various Disney IP with characters from Square Enix's own catalog of video game franchises, it doesn't get any better.

Since 2002, I've battled the darkness as Sora alongside Goofy, Donald and other Disney heroes, fighting off the threat of Xehanort, who has teamed up with multiple Disney villains. And now, maybe, hopefully, I'll be able to experience this beloved video game franchise in another format.

A new report from reliable insider DanielRPK claims that Disney is working on an adaptation of Kingdom Hearts. Here's the catch though, we don't know what kind of adaptation it will be. It could be a movie or a television series.

If it's a movie, I have a hard time believing they could tell the entire "Dark Seeker Saga," also known as the "Xehanort Saga" into a single movie. That would be 13 mainline games crammed into about two hours. Unless they are planning this to be some sort of film saga, similar to size of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now THAT would be an epic adaptation.

Imagine dozens of films that take all your favorite Disney characters and blend them into a single universe. That is the potential of a Kingdom Hearts adaptation.

In the same vein, a television series would be just as exciting. And it's not the first time we've heard rumors of a Kingdom Hearts TV series.

According to GameFragger, rumors of a television adaptation date back to 2020 when it was reported that Disney had asked Square Enix to make a pilot for a Kingdom Hearts CG-animated series using Unreal Engine. The series was rumored to for Disney+.

With video game adaptations on the rise, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Disney is looking to turn one of its most successful video game franchises into a movie or series.