Disney is walking a thin line with "R" ratings and adult content on streaming services

Should Disney fans be worried about the direction the billion dollar company is planning or is this a natural progression that families simply need to deal with? It's a question only you can answer.
The Walt Disney Co Will Report Q2 2023 Results On Tuesday
The Walt Disney Co Will Report Q2 2023 Results On Tuesday / VIEW press/GettyImages

Parents are going to need to make decisions on what is streamed on their television sooner rather than later when it comes to Disney television property.

Rumors continue to run wild about Disney+ merging their entire streaming app to include HULU. This comes on the heels of the next Deadpool movie what will be rated "R" and part of the Disney Company films.

So should parents be worried? Currently you can bundle Disney+, ESPN+, and HULU but each have their own individual streaming apps.

Profiles will become important for many families that currently may not use them. My kids range in age from 4 to 13 and a 19 year old as well. While my 13 year old loves to watch the teen stuff on Disney+, my 11 year old loves the Star Wars content while my 4 year old pretty much watches anything Spiderman.

One of the benefits of having Disney+ is that I can walk away knowing that the content is rarely going to be something they shouldn't watch or be exposed to but with the addition of HULU, that is going to change should the rumors of a single app come to fruition. At that point, I need to set up profiles, passcode lock channels out of their viewing ability.

Disney has always portrayed themselves as the wholesome family company that produces family friendly and PG rated films. Now, with the future looking more uncertain and families spending more time at home instead of buying BluRay discs or going to the theaters, more choices also mean more discretion.

Personally, I have no issues with setting up a simple lock system to keep my kids from content I don't want them to watch, some, however, may opt to leave the service all together. Time will certainly tell if this is a good move for Disney or not.