Disney movie sequels are the lazy approach to getting fans back into the theater

Sometimes, Disney hits a sequel out of the park, most of the time they don't
"The Devil Wears Prada" - After Party
"The Devil Wears Prada" - After Party / Claire Greenway/GettyImages

Disney is heading back to familiarity yet again with another sequel that should have fans saying, "Why is this needed?"

Deadline is reporting that Disney will tap into Devil Wears Prada again and reunite the original cast for a sequel that, in all honesty, doesn't need to be made. Some films, like Princess Diaries 3, might make sense. There is a continuing story element with Anne Hathaway, who is now much older, but are we to accept that in Devil's, nothing has really changed over the course of all these years, and if they have, do we really care?

The first film was fun but it isn't a film in need of a sequel. Disney continues down this route and it makes you wonder where the imagination has gone. The animated part of Disney Entertainment has done great throwing out sequels, but most of the time, they don't work at all.

We can say that Inside Out 2 is an exception. The film makes sense. The young girl is no longer a kid and now in her mid-teens. There are so many emotional changes and the original target audience is also now growing into their teens as well. There is a correlation and a relation between the two features and the real world outside.

Disney has been sliding for a while. COVID didn't help; the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become dull at the very best, and there are few, if any, original films on the horizon that make sense. Even Pirates of the Caribbean is getting another potential Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow entry while a spin-off with Margot Robbie is also on the table.

It's time for Disney to stop with the sequels unless they can relate to the real world. That is what makes sequels work most of the time. Freaky Friday is another one on the horizon that will reunite Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, it will probably succeed. Why? Because the timetable for it lines up with a story and real world circumstances.