Disney characters that should be on the next Annual Passholder magnet

An assortment of Disney AP magnets
An assortment of Disney AP magnets /
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Skip the characters and offer park magnets instead!

Instead of character magnets which have been around for quite a while, why not issue AP magnets that represent each individual park instead? Disney could roll these out in a series and the pick up locations would coincide with each of the parks as they are released. Makes total sense.

How about some villains? Yes and please!

Disney has felt a need to name areas of their parking lots after some of the villains from their films so why not AP magnets as well? Ursula, the Evil Queen, Malificent, and so on would make for a wonderful change to the cutesy little passes of the past and add a touch of...evil...that we all have in us. Let us be honest with ourselves, some Disney fans are simply Disney villains at heart! In a good way of course!