Tips for surviving Disney parks in the rain

Rain starts to fall (and wind whips an umbrella!) at Animal Kingdom Saturday. Whether they were
Rain starts to fall (and wind whips an umbrella!) at Animal Kingdom Saturday. Whether they were / Britt Kennerly, FLORIDA TODAY, Florida
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It's a sad fact that even Disney parks are not immune to Mother Nature and her mighty elements. Thus, any guests heading to Disneyland or Disney World (not to mention parks around the world) will have to put up with the rain. Florida residents know full well how nasty some rainstorms can become, especially during hurricane season. While California has a reputation for always being sunny, they get their share of washout days too. Having this happen is annoying, but that doesn't mean your Disney vacation is ruined. 

Handling rain in a Disney park can be tricky, but it helps to be prepared just in case. While some folks, amazingly, will ignore weather forecasts and be caught unawares by a deluge, smart travelers check it out in advance. Here are a few ways to handle Disney parks in the rain that can make it worthwhile. 

Be prepared

This, of course, is the obvious start. Thanks to advances in weather apps, guests can be better set for any bad weather turns, including up-to-date radar and any alerts that can come in. Granted, weather forecasts can change suddenly these days, but at least some preparation is better than being caught flat-footed when the downpours begin. 

It's also good for parents to let their kids know there is a chance of rain so they can be prepared as well rather than getting upset when it happens. It's also best to plan which park to visit on a day forecast for poor weather. For example, Animal Kingdom is so large and spread out, it can be tougher for a rainy day than Epcot, where most everything is indoors, and easier to duck inside a spot when a downpour begins.

Overall, having a good "ready for anything" attitude is best if a Disney trip coincides with tricky weather.