Disney Plus will bring this The Beatles movie that few fans have seen, in May

Press Preview At Julien's Auctions Property From The Collection Of Jean And Casey Kasem
Press Preview At Julien's Auctions Property From The Collection Of Jean And Casey Kasem / Michael Tullberg/GettyImages

In 1970, The Beatles finished recording and filming of a live movie, "Let It Be". It was not released in the United States. It will be soon.

Diehard Beatles fans have seen it or should have seen it. The grainy film was shot during the recording sessions of the "Let It Be" album and it showcased what would be the final stages of what would lead to the band's break-up.

Now, a film that was once only available only on VHS or compact disc, will soon be available to stream on Disney+. Coming this May, The Beatles' 5th feature film, "Let It Be" will debut on the Mouse network on May 8th.

The Beatles were under contract to do 5 films. The first two were A Hard Days Night and HELP!. They then followed with the animated "Yellow Submarine" and Magical Mystery Tour, but they couldn't agree on what another film might be to finish off their commitment. One of the problems they had was internal issues within the group.

By the time The Beatles got to a 4th film, in-fighting and the beginnings of the turmoil that would lead to a break-up had begun. The group decided to film their recording sessions for the Let It Be album and that was supposed to turn into a major film. It simply didn't get going.

We saw this play out in the Peter Jackson documentary Get Back which is a much deeper dive into the entire sessions. The 4th film, "Let It Be" was released in 1970 and then pretty much disappeared.

Those lucky enough to get their hands on a disc copy got a good look into the making of the film which satisfied the contractual agreements for the movies.

On May 8th, Beatles fans will get a chance to see a remastered version of the original film in all its glory. For those wanting to dive in deeper, there is a Let It Be Naked album you can purchase online. The album features the original recordings of John, Paul, George, and Ringo before Phil Spector who was producing added all the strings and orchestra to the album. Naked gives what Paul McCartney has said was the original album idea and it is incredible.