Disney rumored to be eyeing surprising Academy Award-winner for role of Tinker Bell in live-action movie

A new rumor circulating online claims that Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence is being eyed by Disney to start in a live-action Tinker Bell movie.
Sony Pictures' "No Hard Feelings" New York Premiere
Sony Pictures' "No Hard Feelings" New York Premiere / Dia Dipasupil/GettyImages

Another day, another live-action Disney rumor. The latest chatter around the internet seems to concern a live-action Tinker Bell movie, a project that was supposedly in development prior to David Lowery’s Peter Pan & Wendy but thought to be put on the back burner or scrapped entirely.

Well, it turns out Disney may be moving ahead with the movie and, now we have rumors as to who the House of Mouse is eyeing for the role of Tinker Bell.

According to industry insider Daniel RPK, via the DisInsider, Disney is looking to cast Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence for Tinker Bell.

I'll admit that Jennifer Lawrence isn't the first actress I'd go to when thinking about bringing the iconic fairy to life, but she would definitely bring some star power to the movie. Without knowing the details of the project, it's unfair to say if this would be a good casting decision on behalf of Disney, but Lawrence has definitely proven she's got range. From The Hunger Games to Red Sparrow to Silver Linings Playbook to her most recent R-rated comedy No Hard Feelings, Lawrence has proven she's got diverse range.

When reports of a live-action Tinker Bell movie first started circulating back in 2015, the unofficial synopsis detailed an adventure that saw Tink team up with Wendy to save Peter Pan from Hook. Not only does Jennifer Lawrence have the "look" of Tink -- something that Disney has proven time and time again isn't necessarily a factor in casting decisions -- she's got the capability to carry as a main female lead in an "action" movie. I think the latter is more important than how closely she resembles the character.

Keep in mind, this is purely rumor at this point and nothing more. Disney hasn't even officially announced the movie.