Disney's Blizzard Beach doesn't quite hit the same as this other area waterpark

Guests can race each other down Toboggan Racers at Disney's Blizzard Beach.
Guests can race each other down Toboggan Racers at Disney's Blizzard Beach. / Eve Chen / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Waterparks are family parks. They are great for older kids, adults, and even younger children so how does Blizzard Beach stack up with the family?

It is Disney after all so naturally, the tip of the hat would go to Blizzard. Sadly, and most surprisingly, it does not. And it isn't close.

Aquatica has a massive play area for children that includes climbing ropes and water canons as well as dumping buckets. It stands in a huge water pool that is about a foot deep. In aother section of the park, a smaller area for toddlers is available and even has small water slides for the little ones.

Blizzard Beach has an obstacle course for younger kids and a zip line which is pretty cool for the young. The play area also has slides as well and like Aquatica, an area is open for the toddler guests.

Where Aquatica wins, however, is the fact that almost all of the attractions are available for kids that are about 42" tall. Each attraction at Aquatica is clearly marked with the ride height requirements and a measuring pole is at the entrance to every attraction so you don't waste your time climbing to the top.

Guests can easily find what their kids can and can't ride. At Blizzard, I found myself asking cast members because only a few were clearly expressed. Perhaps the confusion comes from how the slides are grouped. It is a bit confusing.

My 5-year-old was only tall enough to ride a few of the water attractions and while he didn't seem to care too much, he rode all but two at Aquatica.

Now, let's get lazy!