Disney's Blizzard Beach doesn't quite hit the same as this other area waterpark

Guests can race each other down Toboggan Racers at Disney's Blizzard Beach.
Guests can race each other down Toboggan Racers at Disney's Blizzard Beach. / Eve Chen / USA TODAY NETWORK
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There is little comparison when it comes to who has the better food and drink options.

Food is much better at Blizzard Beach. That being said, the food at Aquatica is not bad given the fact it is a water park. I did find that there were more dining options at Aquatica than at Blizzard which surprised me. There are several different places to eat at SeaWorld water park. I only saw one real restaurant at Blizzard.

Theming, however, is hands down better at Blizzard. It is a beach where it snowed and that is pretty cool and the music matches that theme. There is no real theme at Aquatica other than "Here you go, waterslides and sea life."

Beer and other drinks are available easily at both parks and the prices are about the same.

You can rent cabanas and gazebos at both parks. I have rented several at Aquatica and they have always been good value. There are a lot to choose from to make your day a little more private. At Blizzard, I noticed only gazebos and while they looked nice, they were not very private at all.

So what is my overall conclusion? My wife enjoyed a much more relaxing day with less crowds at Blizzard. The guests were not rowdy or pushy and everyone seemed to be in no hurry to get from one point to another. That wasn't the case at Aquatica where it seemed much more faster from the attractions to the guests.

Comparing the two, however, for me, comes down to two things. Did my family have fun, yes at both parks and which one would I return to? In this case, I would go to Aquatica far more often than Blizzard. It was simply more fun.