Disney’s live-action Hercules might exclude these major characters

There will soon be yet another "live-action" Disney movie and this one makes sense, Hercules will soon be coming to a theater but it won't have these characters
'Hercules' Europe Premiere
'Hercules' Europe Premiere / Anita Bugge/GettyImages

According to a new report/rumor from TheDisinsider.com folks, the Hercules live action film may not include a vital part of the animated feature.

The Muses are reportedly a potential drop-off from the film. DisInsider is saying that a new movie may not have them in the film and they question why which makes sense given their importance and relevance in the animated feature. They are not saying the characters won't be in it but so far, "Disney has not laid the groundwork for the Muses to be in the remake."

The question is do they bring any value to the film? The Muses tell a backstory and are the narrative voices throughout the film. Not having them in the remake is an interesting twist but one that Disney may turn toward something else as being the primary storyteller.

Disney could use a single "muse" to narrate the film or include them in the picture itself as a secondary character. It's hard to imagine them not being in a feature film. Disney has options and they have left critical elements from animated films when they have remade them into live action. DisInsider points to what they did with Mulan leaving out elements of that film.

At some point, however, Disney needs to stop making remakes, sequels, and especially "live-action" films. Fans are getting bored with the lack of imagination coming from the palace, which is supposed to be imaginative. It seems the House of Mouse is simply rehashing the same stories, and original ideas have recently gone out the window.