Unleash the magic of Disney World and save 5% on everything with this easy trick

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Paying for your Disney vacation

Once you have accumulated your discounted Disney gift cards, you can use them to pay for various aspects of your Disney World vacation. Whether it's purchasing tickets, booking accommodations, dining at restaurants, or buying souvenirs, these gift cards can be used as a form of payment, allowing you to enjoy your Disney adventure while keeping more money in your pocket. Basically, anywhere a Disney gift card is accepted, you can save 5%.

Planning your Disney budget

To maximize your savings, it's essential to plan your budget in advance. Determine the total amount you intend to spend on your Disney World trip and calculate the required number of Disney gift cards. By doing so, you can estimate the potential savings and ensure that you purchase enough gift cards to cover all your expenses.

My personal suggestion is to take one gift card with you and load no more than $1,000 on it (the max you can load). Then, purchase the rest on Target's website and add them to "My Cards" through the Disney site. From there, you can transfer amounts to the physical card you are carrying around. Just note you have to transfer the full amount. Meaning, if you have a $250 gift card stored electronically, you need to have $750 or less on your physical card to be able to make the transfer.

Also, leave one card electronically at $0. This way, if you lose the physical card, you can quickly transfer everything to the empty gift card, purchase a cheap physical gift card at your resort or the parks and then transfer the amount back to your new physical card. This is a great safety tip and something we experienced on one of our trips. Turns out we found the missing wallet that contained our gift card, but it at least put us at some ease knowing we were not out the hundreds of dollars that were still stored on the physical card.

No joke, bookmark that "My Cards" site on your phone. It's a great tool and can be a life saver!