Disney World "After Hour" events are scheduled but are they worth the unbelievably hight cost?

Fireworks explode above the lake around World Showcase at Epcot. Photo by Brian Miller
Fireworks explode above the lake around World Showcase at Epcot. Photo by Brian Miller /

When you go to a Disney World park you spend quite a bit of money for entry. Then you get to stand in lines. But if you want far fewer wait times, you need to go after hours.

Disney After Hours is returning for 2024 and many of the dates have been announced. There could be some added throughout the year but the dates for February through March have been announced.

Before we get to the "Why and Why-Nots" of the events lets look at the dates.

At EPCOT, there will be six days, or rather nights, for After Hour enjoyment. The events will run from 10:00 pm to 1 am. Each price is for general admission. For the first two nights, AP holders and DVC members will see discounted pricing to $119.00. The rest of the nights will cost $129.00

  1. Friday, February 2nd: $149
  2. Thursday, February 8th: $149
  3. Thursday, February 15th: $159
  4. Thursday, March 7th: $159
  5. Thursday, March 28th: $159
  6. Thursday, April 4th: $129

Magic Kingdom 10 nights: AP and DVC pricing is $125 for the first night, $135 for the next four, and $145 for the remaining nights. The event will also be held from 10:00 am to 1 am.

  1. Thursday, January 11th: $155
  2. Monday, January 15th: $165
  3. Monday, January 22nd: $165
  4. Thursday, February 1st: $165
  5. Monday, February 5th: $165
  6. Monday, February 12th: $175
  7. Thursday, February 29th: $175
  8. Monday, March 4th: $175
  9. Monday, March 18th: $175
  10. Monday, April 8th: $175

Hollywood Studios: 9 nights with DVC and AP pricing at $125 for the first night, $135 for the 2nd, and $145 for the remaining nights. The "After Hours" events will run from 9:30 pm to 12:30 am.

  1. Wednesday, January 10th: $155
  2. Wednesday, January 24th: $165
  3. Wednesday, February 21st: $175
  4. Monday, February 26th: $175
  5. Wednesday, March 13th: $175
  6. Wednesday, March 20th: $175
  7. Wednesday, March 27th: $175
  8. Wednesday, April 3rd: $175
  9. Wednesday, April 10th: $175

According to AllEars.net, you can enter the parks as early as 7:00 pm without the need for a regular day ticket. Let's start here for the value of the price.

At roughly $165.00 average per night over all three parks, you are getting 3 hours of park time per event. That isn't a great value, putting you roughly around $55.00 per hour. If you enter the park at 7 pm, you are gaining another three hours of time in Magic Kingdom and EPCOT and another 2.5 hours in Hollywood Studios. That brings your hourly down to $27.00 per hour.

There is nothing special about the "After Hours" events. No free food or drinks or anything like that but you do get something that other guest do not get, you get space.

The AH events are limited and that means the parks are quite empty compared to the daytime hours. At each park you should literally see walk-on wait times at the attractions you are hoping to experience whereas during the day you could wait for hours.

If you are planning a day to Disney World on any of those dates you should consider the After Hours option. A normal ticket could run as much as $129.00 or more for a daily ticket. Let's look at March 13th at Hollywood Studios.

A day ticket on that day will cost you $154.00 to got to HS. The park opens at 9 and closes at 9:00. $154.00 is a lot money but you get 12 hours in the park. With the AH event costing you $175.00 that day you will be paying $21.00 more for six hours less park time. That being said, if you are going to experience the rides, you may find it a better bet to experience the attractions more than once.

It really comes down to personal preference. Those who look to avoid the large crowds will have no problem jumping into an After Hours event and won't find the price structure that much different than the day prices. For AP holders, it could make sense as well due to the attraction wait times.

All in all, the AH events are a great way to experience the parks without all the headache and hassle of dealing with a lot people but it comes with a hefty price tag.