Disney World continues to price out fans with yet another upcoming hike in 2025

Disney World apparently doesn't care if you can afford to visit their parks and are set to increase ticket costs again soon.
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Disney World wants your money, in fact, they want as much as they can get. In reality, Disney is pricing out the average income family.

Disney World has seen fit to raise prices once again. This time, the increases will come in 2025 but honestly, they are already too high as it is. Single-day tickets will rise from $109 to $119 on the lower base end but if you have visited Disney, you likely haven't seen prices that low in quite a while.

Disney changes their prices based on expected attendance. So when they are anticipating a high-volume day, the jack the prices up, and when they anticipate a low-volume day, you might see that $119.

On the back end, it doesn't appear much will change for those days when Disney expects higher attendance. Each park has a current high-end price. I was at Disney during the second week of February and was blown away by the sticker prices for each park.

Single and park hopper option prices on the rise. Image courtesy Brian Miller /

As you can see in the image above, Magic Kingdom was priced at $184.00 for the day and $179.00 for kids aged 3-9. According to the news regarding the next price increase, this will remain the higher-end prices and they will not change.

What we can expect is fewer days at the new $119.00 price point and more days at the higher levels as attendance continues to grow. Disney continues to see growth in attendance throughout the year and even the summer months which have, in the past, been less crowded, are seeing higher crowd volumes due to pricing.

If the higher crowds in June, July, and August continue to rise, as well as September, we can expect the day prices to rise as well.

While Disney is trying to offset the massive investments and improvements they have been touting lately, the reality is they have successfully blocked out the average income family. Consider that the average price for a family of four to stay at an on-property Disney Resort, a dining plan, and four tickets to the parks, is now creeping into the $9K - $10K range. For many families, that isn't affordable anymore.

Disney is supposed to be "The Happiest Place on Earth" but clearly, it is only a happy place if you can afford it.