Disney World "Good to go" dates don't warrant a big hurray!

For some days, Disney World annual pass holders won't need a park reservation. Let me just say, "wooptie do."
Tom Sawyer Islands has several caves to explore. Photo Credit: Brian Miller
Tom Sawyer Islands has several caves to explore. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

January saw big changes for Disney World annual pass holders as well as big changes for normal visiting guests. On January 11th, APs no longer need reservations for some dates. Those are called "Good-to-Go" dates and frankly, they don't seem to be all that.

For ticketed guests, reservations are no longer needed at Disney World parks but for APs most of the time you still need a reservation. Take a look at the screenshot below.

As you can see from the above "X" embed, the 25th, 31st, and 1st are listed as "G2G" dates. For the other days, you need a reservation. Disney says they will constantly be adding more G2G days to the calendar but is this really something to jump and down about?

Some fan blogs think this is a great thing going so far as to say they have tried it out and it is wonderfully enjoyable. Why exactly? What am I missing?

As a Pixie Pass holder, I deal with blackout, blockouts, and no weekends but so what? If I wanted to go to the parks on the 25th, I could simply make a reservation and be done with it. If the parks are booked up it won't matter if a reservation is available or not, the G2G will not be available either.

I'm not going to change my plans because there is a G2G date on the calendar. If I am able to on the 26th when there is no G2G designation, I'll make a reservation.

This screams of being one of those types of "Hey we are going to give APs something fun but really we are not." For ticketed guests, there are no reservations but no matter how you spin it, APs still have to make reservations and G2G really doesn't mean much unless I'm spending a week at the parks and can only make three reservations.