Disney World guests continue to get ruder as prices go up and service goes down

Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World / Joe Raedle/GettyImages

When you visit a Disney park, you naturally want to experience everyting you possibly can and that includes doing the parks in your own way. As more and more guests trickle into and fill the parks, your way tends to see others getting in your way. It can ruin your day...and theirs.

The more the prices go up at the parks, the ruder guests are becoming. Not just to other guests but also with cast members as well. Fighting is becoming more prevalent and despite Disney's attempts to make life a little easier, it hardly goes that way.

Take, for example, holding tables. You would think this is something rather easy. A family member orders food on the app or goes to the quick service line, and the rest of the family finds an empty table to hold until the party is together. Seems like a normal thing to do, right? Well, some guests are getting irritated that the tables are being held, but not typically by those wanting to sit down and eat. Others are taking up table space with food brought from home or no food at all but instead looking for a place to just sit. The restaurant tables are not the places to do that, and they often feel entitled to do it again because they paid a large amount of money for the experience as well.

Disney has put up benches and tables throughout their parks for guests to get rest. At EPCOT, an entire area was built between Spaceship Earth and World Showcase's Port of Entry.

Tables are not the only place guests get irritated. Ride queues are a big problem as more and more guests are sending a family member to the next attraction to wait in line, and the others join later and cut through the lines of people. It isn't frowned upon when a little one is being walked back after stepping out to go to the bathroom, but when four or five family members suddenly arrive 35 minutes or 60 minutes into a long queue, other guests find this disrespectful and rude. The problem is Disney cast members can't do too much about the problem. When they do, they are filmed, and some get fired for just doing their jobs the way they have been trained. When it comes to push and shove with guests, the guests are always right no matter the situation unless safety is involved.

How do you avoid these problems when you visit the parks? You don't really. You stay in your lane and do what you feel is right for your family. Others are going to be rude and inconsiderate and that isn't going to change. The best course is to simply not ruin you day by allowing others to get under your skin. Disney is a friendly place but not everyone cares.