Disney World guests should watch out for NFL stars this weekend

Disney World is about to see a very busy weekend to start the month of February and guests may very well get to see NFL players.
2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games
2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The NFL will host the Pro Bowl this week in Orlando and that means there will be plenty of NFL stars on hand, to go to Disney World.

Disney World is a great place for families, even the families of NFL superstars. With the Pro Bowl being held in Orlando, Disney is expected to see an uptick in crowd considering NFL fans who are traveling to the city for the events could also visit one of the Disney parks.

Jason Kelce, a Pro Bowl center for the Eagles will be heading to the games this weekend. He mentioned taking his family to Disney World since they will be down there. He won't be the only one for sure.

While cast members are not permitted to make a big deal of celebrities and sports stars, there is no rule that a regular guest can't wave, say hi, or maybe even shake hands with a player they may be fans of.

Personally, I'm not a big "Oh look there is so-and-so" type of person, I tend to give celebrities their space when they are with their families doing family things but hey, if you happen to be stuck in an hour-long line with a football player, all bets are off, most of the time.

For those guests heading to one of the parks this weekend, you should keep in mind that the Pro Bowl Games are going on in and around Orland, and as a result, the parks could be more crowded than usual.