Disney World mishandles attempt to correct one of three mistakes in Toy Story Land

Walt Disney World is a magical place, but even the best intentions can come with some glaring mistakes.

Walt Disney World, Toy Story Land
Walt Disney World, Toy Story Land / Gerardo Mora/GettyImages
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Disney World, Toy Story Land
Disney World, Toy Story Land / Gerardo Mora/GettyImages

Disney Mistake No. 2: The naming of Woody’s Lunchbox

I am not sure who was in charge of naming the rides or other attractions inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios – most notably inside Toy Story Land. However, even my 11-year-old son pointed out that he does not understand why Disney would name the quick-service outdoor restaurant “Woody’s Lunchbox.” He and I both believe that the better name would have been Andy’s Lunchbox.

Although we see an actual lunchbox featuring Woody’s Roundup in Toy Story 2, the purpose of Toy Story Land is the feeling of shrinking down to toy size. As you wait in line to order your food, you see that the lunch box-themed ordering window with food inside and a thermos used to prop open the lid are very large. This is done on purpose all throughout Toy Story Land. If the lunch box is this big, wouldn’t it be Andy’s lunch box and not Woody’s?

Outside of the naming issue, Disney does a great job here with the menu. Totchos are a fantastic spin on nachos that use tater tots instead of tortilla chips. The BBQ brisket melt is also fantastic. Do not let the issue of the poorly named restaurant fool you, stop by and grab something to eat. At least you can find shade while you are here too. That is if you can find a table.