Disney World Monorail vs Skyliner: Which is better?

Aug 28, 2020; Orlando, Florida, USA; A monorail runs from Disney resorts to Magic Kingdom. Governor
Aug 28, 2020; Orlando, Florida, USA; A monorail runs from Disney resorts to Magic Kingdom. Governor / Kim Klement-USA TODAY NETWORK
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The Skyliner

Reminding older guests of the old Skyway at the Magic Kingdom, the Skyliners are gondolas that can fit up to ten people. They're guided on cables on a series of trips from a variety of resorts to the Epcot and Hollywood Studios landing spots. While new to WDW, the Skyliners are already rather popular and guests driving into the property marvel at the cars flowing right above them. 

Skyliner Pros:

Fantastic views

One of the best parts of the Skyliner is the gorgeous views it offers of the areas by Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Guests love to see everything from lakes to some "backstage" areas and even going over the roads can be fun, especially on sunny days. You can't get those from the monorail as the Skyliner lives up to its name showcasing some wonderful skylines of WDW that can only be viewed from it. 

Short waiting times

Unlike the monorail, the Skyliner's wait times are shorter. That's because guests don't have to wait ten minutes or more for a train to arrive but just walk right onto one of the gondolas that are constantly moving on their cables. There can be an occasional slowdown for someone in a wheelchair, but otherwise, a Skyliner wait time is far less than the monorail and that offers a great convenience for guests. 

Smooth rides

The gondolas are terrific in providing a smooth ride for guests, from a fast start to flowing over the roadways. Even on windy days, they won't rock too badly and thus aid some guests who might be worried on the trip. The smooth ride is a good reason the Skyliner is a winner for so many WDW guests. 

More resorts linked to it 

The Skyiner has expanded its reach since opening to cover a wider range of Disney resorts. That includes the spots that had long been used to only bus service to Epcot and the Studios. Now, guests at the Caribbean Beach, Riviera, Pop Century and Art of Animation resorts can use the Skyliner to reach the Epcot and Studios areas. With word Disney is hoping to expand them in the future, this allows guests at the further-off resorts to get closer to the action faster.