Disney World need to know: What is D23 and should you join the fan club?

Every wonder what that really nice Mickey Mouse statue at the Art of Animation store is all about? I It says Gold Member on the card next to it. But who is for?
Gold Member Mickey. Photo Credit: Brian Miller
Gold Member Mickey. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

That little Mickey guy isn't for the general public. It's for the D23 Gold status fan club members! So how do you become a D23 fan club member and what exactly is it? Let's find out.

The D23 Fan Club is something that you can join for free or you can spend a little cash to upgrade yourself to Gold Status.

There are three tiers to membership. Well, sort of three tiers.

The Free D23 Membership Tier

You will receive the FanFare Newletter, D23 membership access to general events, and can be entered into D23 sweepstakes to win fun Disney (non-disclose prizes).

The Gold D23 Membership Tier

You will receive the following according to the D23 membership page.

Gold Membership Card that will come in one of four styles of your choosing.

  • Access to Gold Member Events
  • 2023 Gold Member Collector set (More on that below)
  • Disney Twenty-Three Annual subscription (a printed publication)
  • FanFare Newsletter
  • Access to General Events
  • Sweepstakes entry

The Third Tier option for D23 Membership is not really a tier as much is an option. The D23 Gold Member top tier is for two memberships. So you will receive everything the Gold Membership does but you will get two cards, two members events invitations, and two member offers. You don't get two collectors set.

The prices are as follows.

  • Free = Free
  • Gold Membership - $99.00
  • Gold Membership x 2 - $129.00

So what is this little Mickey Mouse statue that they are talking about? Well annually, there is a collector gift that all new and renewing D23 members receive. This year is the 100th Anniversary "Mickey Mouse Leader of the Club".

Let's look at what some of the offers you will recieve are.

The D23 site says that you will receive "first dibs" on Disney merch and will enjoy year-round discounts and offers on products and experiences including early access shopping at Shop Disney to special collectors pins and other collectibles.

To see more of the discounts that they offer and get a taste of what the offers are (they change througout the year) go to their discounts page.

if interested in becoming a D23 free or Gold Member, head over here to the D23 site.