5 Disney World rides you must do and 5 you can skip during your vacation without regret

Disney World is a fantastic place for families, couples, or even solos but it can also leave you disappointed if you don't plan right.
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If you are visiting Epcot, there are several options that will make you glad you visited. The draw of EPCOT is typically not the rides, it is the World Showcase but make no mistake, the rides are pretty fun too.

The two biggest must ride attractions at EPCOT

There is no question that Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is one of the best rides at any Disney park. This should be the absolute must-ride attraction if you like roller coasters. Even if you don't love roller coasters, this one is so smooth and fluid you hardly know you are on an actual coaster. There are no huge climbs and drops and you are not jostled around like you are on normal coasters.

While Cosmic Rewind is currently one of only two early morning queue options (the other is Tron: LIghtcycle Run at Magic Kingdom) there are other rides at EPCOT you will want to check out.

The second biggest attraction at EPCOT that you need to ride is SOARIN. Located in the World Nature area which is itself located to the right of the park entry once you past the "EPCOT Ball".

Soarin is a wonderful ride that takes you on a 180 degree ride around the world, paragliding. This first person style ride typically sees fluxuating times throughout the day and can be as little as 30 minutes to 70 minutes during peak hours of the day. Still, if you are planning a full day at EPCOT, you should be able to find a great wait time at some point during the day.

Two rides you can skip at EPCOT

At World Discovery, on the left side of the park near Guardians of the Galaxy, you will find Test Track and typically, you will find a wait time that exceeds 70 minutes and honestly, 45 minutes is pushing the limit. Test Track's best part comes at the end of the ride, the part you see from the outside. The rest of the ride is a series of tests to see how a vehicle you designed during your wait compares to others.

Know this, if you spend time actually designing a concept car for you ride, it might made the ride a little more enjoyable but it will also extend your wait time. Why? Because those that don't care to do it will walk right by you.

If you want to experience it and don't care about doing the actual ride alone, skip it all and take the "single rider" line instead and cut your wait to a max of 20 minutes.

Ride number two that you can skip, Figments World of Imagination. Sorry Figment lovers but this ride typically comes with a 30 to 50 minute wait for a ride that in reality should be removed from the park altogether and replaced with something new and more enjoyable.

Next we take you over to Hollywood Studios where it gets much hard to skip anything at all.