5 Disney World rides you must do and 5 you can skip during your vacation without regret

Disney World is a fantastic place for families, couples, or even solos but it can also leave you disappointed if you don't plan right.

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Hollywood Studios used to be quite the boring park of the Disney World four but lately, that hasn't been the case.

Hollywood has enough rides that you may now need to spend all day at the park to experience it all. Your day should start with a rope drop or an expectation to wait a long time for rides. Just about every ride at Hollywood Studios will come with hour or more waits and it is rare to find much that are lower.

Hitting the bigger rides later in the evening tend to see shorter wait times if that helps.

Galaxy's Edge will give you two rides to choose from. Rise of the Resistance and Smugglers Run. If you have to choose between the two, my suggestion is choose Rise as it is a longer ride and a lot more fun. Smuggler's Run is a fun ride as well but it is one of those you enjoy more just by being in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon than actually enjoying the ride. It's pretty cool but you can also do this as a single rider as well and that is a 20 minute or less wait.

At Rise, you may wait about an hour on a good day and the ride itself from start to finish is about 10 minutes long, including another wait line inside the ride itself but it gives you the feel of being in a Star Destroyer and that is pretty cool.

Outside of Galaxy's Edge you will find Star Tours, the parks original Star Wars ride. On most days, the wait time can be anywhere between 5 minutes and 35 minutes and it's a fun little ride that younger kids will also like or adults will at least find enjoyable. You can't miss it, however, there is a huge AT AT outside among the ruins of an Endor mock up.

On the other side of the park, Hollywood Tower of Terror and Rockin' Rollercoaster will greet you with wait times that will exceed 70 minutes. Both are fun and if you can catch less wait time, bonus for you. Both are worth the wait if you like the feeling of being dropped or the adrenaline of a roller coaster.

While the lines may be long you may be thinking you need to give something up to fit those two rides in as well as the other Star Wars rides.

You can give up two, mabye even three rides at Hollywood Studios and not miss a thing.

Straight down the main road once you enter the park you will find Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railroad. It is hard to miss Mann's Chines Theater where the ride is housed. This used to be the Great Movie Escape ride and it should have stayed that way.

Runaway Railroad is nothing more than a "train" car that rotates around a floor path with popping colors and a flowing series of visuals on walls. It is not fast, slow, interactive, and even my 4-year-old wasn't impressed. It is a ride at Hollywood Studios we wouldn't bother to wait in line for even if it was just 30 minutes.

Toy Story land should be one of the best sections of any Disney World park and the aesthetics alone are fantastic as you enter into Andy's backyard. Here you will find huge displays of Tinker Toys and giving you an impression of being small. Green Army men walk the streets with drumming beats and you will also find three rides in this area...sadly, you can literally walk throug Toy Storyland and not ride a single one of them and be perfectly fine.

Alien Swirling Saucers feels like a 60 second ride you would find at any local carnival in your home town. It is a perfect ride for toddlers but parents will realize that the waiting in the sun would have been better served getting the kid ice cream instead and watching it melt while they ate it.

Slinky Dog Dash is the big rollercoaster in this area and it comes with a minimum of a 75 minute wait if not longer. Sometimes up to 2 hours. Honestly, the ride is smooth as silk and is the only ride in all of the Orlando Disney parks that has a complete stop in the middle of the ride and a second launch.

The ride, however, comes up rather short in the excitement realm. My 4 year old liked it but when I asked if he wanted to ride it again, after a 90 minute wait, he said no. When we returned to the park a few days later, he didn't want to ride it but he jumped at the chance to do Guardians of the Galaxy for a 3rd time.

The 3rd ride is Toy Story Mania, a 3D arcade style spinner that has some good touches but ultimately leaves you feeling like you could have spent your time better waiting in line for Tower of Terror.

Now we head over to Animal Kingdom where you have only a few choices you need to make.