Disneyland announces return of a classic Adventureland attraction

Disneyland is bringing back the beloved Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse in Adventureland! Find out when the return of this iconic spot opens!

This audio-animatronic bird welcomed CMATO guests to the Victorian-style home of Mike and Lorraine
This audio-animatronic bird welcomed CMATO guests to the Victorian-style home of Mike and Lorraine / JOE LUMAYA/SPECIAL TO THE STAR

Get ready for the return of a classic attraction this fall. Disney has just announced the opening for the newly remodeled Adventureland Treehouse, in Disneyland which returns to its classic roots in more ways than one. 

Part of a wider expansion of Adventureland in 1962, the original Swiss Family Treehouse was inspired by the classic 1960 Disney film The Swiss Family Robinson. The adaptation of the novel tells of a family shipwrecked on an island who creates a home there, including an expansive treehouse. 

The Disneyland attraction was Walt attempting to create "the world's biggest treehouse" and succeeded with a great attraction as guests walked around the home, seeing a water wheel and props from the movie. 

In 1999, the Treehouse was transformed into Tarzan's Treehouse, reworked for that Disney animated movie, which fit it well. It lasted until 2022, when Disney announced its closure. 

In a surprise, rather than go for a more recent property (like the rumored Encatno update), Disney is returning to the Swiss Family Robinson theme. The newly dubbed "Adventureland Treehouse inspired by Walt Disney's Swiss Family Robinson" will open officially on November 10.

Disney's statement included concept art, which includes the return of the water wheel and other beloved items. There will be differences in rooms with one including a telescope and view of the sky, a study with books, a variety of gadgets and more. 

Returning to the original attraction is a notable move by Disney and guests of Disneyland should enjoy seeing one of the most beloved Disney attractions ever making a grand comeback this November.