Do not pack your bags for Disney without this ultimate packing list

Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages
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If you are approaching 60 days before your Disney trip, then I suggest you start planning what to bring with you. That might seem a little crazy, but whether you are headed to Disney World or Disneyland, packing for this trip should not be the same as if you were headed to visit the Grand Canyon. If you want to truly experience the fun of Disney, then I suggest you check out this ultimate packing list. I even have the list as a Google Sheet (see link at the end) that you can copy and paste to fully customize it to your liking.

What clothes should you pack for a Disney vacation?

This will all come down to your comfort level, when you are traveling and how much fun you want to have while on this trip. Let's first start with when you are traveling. Florida is relatively warm all year, but in the winter, the temperatures can drop low enough in the mornings and at night to need extra layers. Make sure you account for this by checking the weather a week prior to your trip and making any necessary adjustments to your luggage.

Now, let's put comfort level and how much fun you want to have in the same category. Our family is all about matching shirts. We typically have our outfits planned (my wife coordinates them for the most part) a month or two in advance. This gives us ample amount of time to try on and return/exchange clothes as necessary when online shopping. We might even make our own shirts if needed. We might even consider some Disney bounding.

Note: If you are going to eat anywhere that is slightly upscale, make sure to confirm there isn't a dress code. Pack accordingly.

Here is an itemized clothing checklist of what you will need:

  • Disney-Themed Shirts
  • Shorts and/or pants (pack at least one extra)
  • Pajamas
  • Swimsuits
  • Swimsuit covers or rash guards
  • At least one hoodie
  • Underwear / Boxers / Bras / Socks (pack extra)
  • Gym shoes (two pairs in case it rains)
  • Sandals (I personally prefer shoes)