Do we really need another The Lion King film? Apparently Disney thinks so with Mufasa

Disney has announced that Mufasa: The Lion King will see its opening rescheduled due to the current Hollywood strikes but did we really need another film?
Musical Comedy "Le Roi Lion - Lion King" : Media Day At Theatre Mogador
Musical Comedy "Le Roi Lion - Lion King" : Media Day At Theatre Mogador / Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/GettyImages

The next addition to the world of The Lion King, Mufasa will now hit theaters a few months later than originally scheduled. The film will now open in December of 2024 rather than in July like originally planned.

While not much is known about the film, we do know that it will center around the origins of the former Pride King, Mufasa, the father of Simba.

The film will be a live-action sequel to the 2019 remake and will reportedly see Simba navigating the world as the King while reflecting back on his father.

So naturally, the question is this. Why do we need this in our lives? The live-action remake was pretty fun in terms of seeing what tech could do to bring to life an animated film but now that's over. The reality is the story has been told, there have been animated sequels and frankly, we don't need a live-action prequel. This isn't Star Wars.

Personally, I don't have a lot of sympathy for large movie production companies losing money on films when they can't find original material to create. This film will earn its production costs back and it will probably be a semi-hit with younger audiences but this has "did much better on Disney+" written all over it.

Disney isn't the only company that has lost its knack for originality and creativity. The industry will soon see a remake of Mean Girls. That isn't something anyone needs to see either. The reality is, that writers are struggling and movie studios are trying to recoup the money lost during the COVID years but force-feeding rehashed, reimagined, and unneeded prequels isn't it.

And don't get me started on Snow White!