Do you need to visit Olga's Cantina at Galaxy's Edge and will you miss it if you don't?

Olga's Cantina is nestled in Galaxy's Edge. It is a bar in the spirit of the Mos Eisley Cantina without the aliens and brings with it a lot of visitors and complaints.

Galaxy's Edge at HollyWood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller
Galaxy's Edge at HollyWood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

Entering Hollywood Studios you still need to make a reservation for Olga's Cantina at Galaxy's Edge. The Star Wars Outer Rim themed "bar" transports guests into that small rim cantina we all fell in love with back in 1977.

The question is do you have to visit it? If you are an absolute Star Wars nerd, the answer is of course but even if you are, it isn't a must visit.

I will be honest, I've never been there. I have traveld into the Outer Rim so many times since it magically appeared outside of that park they call Studios and every time I go I forget to make my reservation and while you can ask the cast member in front if there are openings or availability, I tend not to stick around for a couple of ours to get in.

What I can tell you is judging by those that have been there, it might not be a perfect addition for anything more than an escape from the heat or visual walk through.

Inside there are drinks, juices, and snacks. There is no food. Guests are seated by party size and if you are a solo, duo, or triplet you may be seated with other guests you do not know. You could find yourself without a seat and standing at the bar.

From what we have been reading along with Mickey Central, it isn't exactly a conducive environment to kids either. It is after all, a bar.

The replies are crazy but support the theory perhaps kids should stay outside or at the very least, maybe they should have an organized walk through for families that won't find it comfortable sitting or standing for an hour as they order drinks and uninspiring snacks.

Many of the guests have complained about the ambiance. Some see this is an incredible visual treat while others see it as a loud bar. Most bars are quite loud though.

At its core, anything at Disney is supposed to be kid friendly so does making something like this "adults only" take away from the experience of families or kids who are crazy for all things Star Wars? It might.

Reading through the comments there is a division among guests. Some see this is a problem that adults should have to deal with. As one reader posted, some look down on adults doing Disney without kids. There are some that do and yes, Disney parks are and should be always for any person not just those with kids.

Others believe that it is a bit of a letdown, cool but could have been better. Some think and I agree, there should be cast members dressed as aliens around the room. That would authenticate the Outer Rim vibe Disney was going for.

Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) in Lucasfilm's THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT, exclusively on Disney+. © 2021 /

I'll go one step further. What about a roped-off table with Boba Fett making appearances with no interactions allowed? Him just walking in and taking a seat (great photo op) maybe talking with an alien, escorted by stormtroopers. What if a First Order officer met with him, talked quietly, and then got up and left? Tell me that wouldn't be one of the coolest additions to something like this.

Disney is supposed to be a show and when you enter Galaxy's Edge, it used to be. Cast members worked on evaporators and there were mechanics around the Millenium Falcon or another star ship around the area. Chewbacca and Rey still make appearances and stormtroopers are often walking around. Kylo Ren even makes appearances as well.

So to answer the question, should Olga's Cantina be adult only? Should it be a must-see stop on your trip to Disney? If you are interested in seeing the inside, ask the cast member out front and let them know you want to take a quick picture or see the interior and leave. If they have space and it isn't too busy, some will let you inside to look around for a few minutes.

Then you can say you visited and you didn't have to deal with the noise. Be sure to follow us as well as Mickey Central on "X". It was a great thought and one that I am sure isn't going to be answered any time soon and one that will have as many divisive responses as well.