Do you really care how much someone spent on a Disney World trip?

It seems to be the latest craze. Drop your dollar amount on social media to tell the world how much you spent on a Disney World vacation.
Star Wars. Photo credit Brian Miller
Star Wars. Photo credit Brian Miller /

If you frequent social media outlets or have a self-populated Disney newsfeed, you have probably seen the endless stream of money that people are paying for Disney.

A month ago, Disney fans were alerted to a couple who bought $10,000 worth of Disney Plus gift cards instead of Disney World usable gift cards. We learned a few weeks ago that one family dropped almost $14,000 on their Disney World vacation and another family dropped $10k for a couple's vacation.

The headlines are often followed with tags such as, "And why it was so worth it" or "What I could have done with $10,000." What you probably are saying is "who cares?"

Disney World, Disneyland, or any other Disney park is not cheap. Far from it. You can use a travel agent and hope to save some cash or you can flaunt the nearly $1,000 per person expenditure on a personal Disney tour guide. It doesn't matter. Disney isn't cheap.

If you want to save money going to Disney, then you need to avoid reading about how everyone else is spending their money on their trip whether they want you to think it is worth it or not. Chances are, they are writing about it, to write it off their taxes. Do you really think the woman who shelled out $100.00 on a peanut butter sandwich for character dining is willing to just eat that financially?

Most of us can't claim a trip to Disney on our tax returns. So when we go to Disney we have to make plans. The choices we make are easy. Pay for what matters to you and for what you can afford. If you think that a Disney vacation has to include a stay at a Disney Resort, then stay at a resort. If not, save some money and stay off property.

Just because the line are long, and they usually are, you don't have to spend money on Lightning Lane passes or Genie+ add-ons. Get up early, get a queue slot for Tron or Guardians of the Galaxy and plan your day knowing that other attractions will have some wait times.

At every Disney park, you can bring in your own food. It's a cheaper option for those who don't want to pay a lot of money to eat at a Disney restaurant. The food is good but let's not pretend it is any better than the hot dog you can get off-property at Portillo's.

If you are staying on property you absolutely have to get the dining plan. It saves you money and time. You don't have to spend $10,000 on a trip to Disney. Stop thinking you do. The best option is to sit down and look at every park's attractions, and food choices, and lay out a plan for what is important to you. Then go to the parks.

The most money you will spend is on the resort and tickets. Once you are inside, you control everything else. If you would rather spend $13.00 on a specialty beer and not $6.00 on a Mickey head pretzel, then buy your beer. There are no rules for spending your money at Disney and while you may want to buy as many souvenirs as you can get, remember you can buy many outside the park and save money as well.

If you opt to splurge, that too is fantastic and you should be absolutely thrilled about it but not everyone needs to hear about the money you invested or whether or not it is was worth it. In the end, you do you.