Don't just walk past these dozen overlooked Disney World attractions

So many Disney World guests walk by some attractions, unaware of how much fun they can truly be! Here's a dozen to not miss out on!
The Aztec themed pyramid in Mexico is the first country you come to when entering the World Showcase at Epcot.
The Aztec themed pyramid in Mexico is the first country you come to when entering the World Showcase at Epcot. /
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Disney has just announced they're going to be doing a long-expected remodel of the Country Bear Jamboree in the Magic Kingdom. This is good as the original show is pretty outdated. However, it's telling that the reaction of many guests hearing the news was "that's still around?" 

It's no surprise that there can be some Disney World attractions folks skip on. With so many huge rides demanding your time, waiting for some "lesser" one doesn't seem worth it. True, a few are forgettable and no real loss to your day if you skip it. However, there are still some notable attractions in Disney World that guests may see a lot but never experience. Yet these can often be among the more underrated and fun in the parks for families to experience. 

So the next time in Disney World, rather than walk past these dozen attractions, take the time to check them out and be treated to the pleasant surprises Disney World can provide. 

People Mover

Magic Kingdom - People Mover
The "people mover" ride at Magic Kingdom. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

To be honest, the reason the People Mover (or the Tomorrow Transit Authority People Mover to use its full title) is still around is logistics. Because it stretches around Tomorrowland and through several other attractions, it would be more expensive taking it out than just leaving it in (Disneyland learned that lesson the hard way with the ill-fated Rocket Rods).

Yet the People Mover is also one of the more underrated and delightful attractions in the Magic Kingdom. It's a nice, sedate ride that gives you some cool looks at Space Mountain and other places and a reason it's stuck around for so long. 

Grand Fiesta Starring the Three Caballeros

Originally Rio de Tiempo ("The River of Time"), this Epcot dark ride was changed in 2007 to adapt the cult 1940s cartoon. The background is great as guests enter a temple where it's always a twilight market, and the boats take them past a volcano in the distance. 

The ride itself is more lively, mixing screens of animation with fun audio-animatronics as Donald, José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles try to get to a concert. The music is great and some good comedy. Frozen Ever After gets huge crowds, but this can be just as much of a winner for the kids. 

Living With the Land

When folks go to The Land pavilion, they often speed right to Soarin'. So they can ignore this long-standing ride, which has been part of Epcot since its opening day in 1982. Originally called Listen to the Land, guests board boats going past vistas of various environments before showing how modern farming works. 

The highlights include the huge greenhouse and "fish farms," with some music mixed with the narration. The ride is still a charming one, and the wait times are never too long, so if Soarin looks too busy, this is a great way to kill the time.