EA Motive offers vague but promising update on Iron Man game

EA Motive Untitled Iron Man Game. Courtesy of Electronic Arts
EA Motive Untitled Iron Man Game. Courtesy of Electronic Arts /

Almost two years ago, developer EA Motive — a subsidiary studio of Electronic Arts — announced that it was working on a new single-player, action-adventure game starring Iron Man.

The initial announcement painted a promising picture: a single-player, third-person, action-adventure based around one of Marvel's most popular super heroes. Leading the development is Olivier Proulx, who has experience working on past Marvel titles like Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Updates on the game have been far and few between since that announcement. In October, it was revealed that the game was still in early-production. The lengthy pre-production schedule was to ensure "we make the best possible foundation for development," EA said at the time. We have also learned that the game will be built using Unreal Engine 5.

This week, we got another update on the status of the game. Although vague, it's offers a promising sign that the game is continuing to move in the right direction.

"The team made excellent progress this year, hitting a major internal milestone and laying a robust foundation for the journey ahead," EA Motive Studio General Manager Patrick Klaus said in a statement this week. "Iron Man is an important priority for Motive, and I'm proud of the work we've accomplished so far."

We don't know what this internal milestone was exactly, but either way it's a good sign that the Iron Man game is coming along nicely. There's still no release date for the game, but given how early the game is in development, it will likely be at least a few more months until anything substantial is made public. As for the game's release, I'm predicting 2025 at the earliest, or early 2026 possibly.

Developed in collaboration with Marvel Games, EA's Iron Man game will feature an original story that "taps into the rich history" of the character and channels the "complexity, charisma, and creative genius of Tony Stark."

Meanwhile, over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robert Downey Jr., who played Tony Stark/Iron Man on the big screen, recently said in an interview with Esquire that he would "happily" return to the MC whenever. There's no word on if Marvel has plans to bring Iron Man back from the dead, but I'm sure many fans would love to see the beloved character on screen at least once more.

If not, at least we know we'll be able to suit up and play as him in the upcoming game.