Embracing the Magic: 5 Irresistible reasons a Disney fanatic took on a runDisney Race

The top five reasons why a non-runner like myself was lured into the world of runDisney races.
2013 Walt Disney World Marathon
2013 Walt Disney World Marathon / Handout/GettyImages
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4. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): The ultimate Disney adventure

2014 Walt Disney World Marathon
2014 Walt Disney World Marathon / Handout/GettyImages

A very close friend of mine is addicted to runDisney races. And when I mean addicted I mean she rarely misses one, from Wine & Dine to Springtime Surprise she's there. After listening to her, her daughter and my husband (Rob) talk and plan for this upcoming marathon weekend something really unusual started happening in my mind. I started questioning myself, was I really going to miss out on all this magic? Frankly, the magic sounded equal parts horrific. StillI, I actually started imagining myself running through the parks.

As a self-professed Disney addict, I couldn't bear the thought of missing out on a unique adventure that seamlessly combined my passion for all things Disney. The runDisney races, set against the enchanting backdrop of beloved Disney parks, offered an opportunity to be a part of a magical story I couldn't resist. The FOMO was real, and the idea of missing out on this extraordinary experience was simply inconceivable.

So, I did it. I registered to race in the 5K, 10K and half marathon. I did not register for the full marathon or either the Goofy or the Dopey. While pixie dust may have convinced me to register for the three races I did, I know my limits. So, here I am training for Marathon Weekend. My husband and I are training together. Be on the lookout for how our training is going at Along Main Street. While he completes the full Dopey challenge, I'll cheer him on, margarita in hand at Epcot.