Embracing the Magic: 5 Irresistible reasons a Disney fanatic took on a runDisney Race

The top five reasons why a non-runner like myself was lured into the world of runDisney races.
2013 Walt Disney World Marathon
2013 Walt Disney World Marathon / Handout/GettyImages
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3. The Medals: A shimmering symbol of achievement

Uzo Aduba
Actress Uzo Aduba Runs Walt Disney World 5K / Handout/GettyImages

In the world of runDisney, the medals aren't just tokens; they're cherished treasures that represent a remarkable accomplishment. As a Disney devotee, the allure of adorning my collection with runDisney medals, each one intricately designed and brimming with Disney magic, was impossible to resist. The thought of proudly displaying these shimmering symbols of achievement alongside my beloved Disney memorabilia was enough to ignite a spark of determination that overpowered my aversion to running.

I am partially wondering though if the runDisney medals are like tattoos. Once you get one, you'll want to get more. I've seen them in person and they are definitely beauties. In my daydreaming, I have already picked out a place for them to be displayed.

Could I actually, do it? Would I actually cross the finish lines and be rewarded with well-deserved rewards? I could just picture myself decked out with my marathon-themed spirit jersey, medals draped along my neck, standing in from of Cinderella's castle posing for the perfect PhotoPass shot. You'll have to check back with me in January to see how many of the three I actually earn, and I will for sure pretend the Goofy and Dopey challenge ones Rob gets are mine.