Potato chip lovers are missing out if they are not stopping at the China Pavilion at EPCOT

So many people love potato chips and so many people will devour bags at a time but did you know that the China pavilion at EPCOT has a selection you can't get anywhere else? No? You're missing out!
At the China Pavilion at EPCOT you can skip ordinary and indulge in a variety of chips you can't get
At the China Pavilion at EPCOT you can skip ordinary and indulge in a variety of chips you can't get /

Enter the World Showcase at EPCOT. Take a left at the Port of Entry. Pass through Mexico and Norway and turn right when you get to China. Here, potato chip lovers, you will find your heavenly oasis!

China is a hidden gem in the world of EPCOT countries. The food is spectacular and the merchandise gift shops provide some pretty good value depending on what you are looking for. Need a little Green Buddah for luck? You will find it here for under $10.00.

When it comes to potato chips, I can typically take them or leave them. I like trying new flavors more than sticking with the plain old normal and even that comes with having to be in the mood for chips. My wife on the other hand can eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every snack in between.

For me, stopping in my tracks for a bag of chips takes a lot but last year, I not only stopped but I turned around and walked all the way back to China...from Japan. If you have been to EPCOT you know what I'm talking about.

China has something that American grocery stores don't have and no other pavilion at EPCOT has or as far as I have found, any other place in Orlando...they have potato chips but not just any chips. They have the best cucumber chips I have ever tasted.

These are refreshing and pallet cleansing. A literal perfect chip that dances on your tongue. I loved them so much I went back and bought more. As in five more bags to take with me. The downside? They cost around $5.99 for a small bag.

Not into cucumber? No worries at all. The China Pavilion has a rotating list of chips that appear on the shelf at their main gift shop (to the left once you walk into the pavilion). Here you will also find quite the delicacy of chips.

Shrimp flavored, fish flavored, fish sauce flavored, Beef Wellington flavored, spicy siracha and clam sauce, and more as they rotate in and out of stock.

Most guests don't think about finding potato chips at EPCOT. They grab a bag of Lays at one of the service counters or restaurants but why stick with ordinary? You are at EPCOT...live a little more outside the box and instead, jump over to China and grab a bag you can't get outside of the park!

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