EPCOT Food and Wine Festival: 5 Random tastes you asked for us to review

The EPCOT Food and Wine Festival is going strong now until October and you are probably tempted to go. We asked our readers for 5 random foods or drinks to try and review them. So we naturally did.
The Pickle Milkshake - Odyssey Pavilion Brew-Wings
The Pickle Milkshake - Odyssey Pavilion Brew-Wings /
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While you may ask if the Food and Wine Festival is worth it, we will discuss that at another time, you did send us suggestions on food and drinks to try at the festival. We chose the first five random foods that you, our readers, suggested.

Oysters Rockefeller - Coastal Eats - located outside Creations Shop

Oysters Rockafeller
Oysters Rockafeller at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival /

First, the display was o.k. three nice sized oysters on the half shell. These oysters are baked in a buttery sauce and topped with breadcrumbs with spinach between the butter and crumbs. The first I ate off the shell but these are pretty big so I opted for the next one with a fork. My 11 year old took the 2nd one and it was his first oyster.

I loved that the trepidation on his face slowly left and was filled with pleasant surprise. I could tell when the squirt of lemon hit his pallet as his face kind of shivered but he still reached for the 3rd and final one...we split it.

This was a very good dish and for those that are not sure of trying oyster, it's a perfect introduction to the non-slimy crustacean. Overall, I would eat this dish again when I travel back to the F&W with my 20 year old son in October. This is a good dish you should try.