EPCOT Food and Wine Festival: 5 Random tastes you asked for us to review

The EPCOT Food and Wine Festival is going strong now until October and you are probably tempted to go. We asked our readers for 5 random foods or drinks to try and review them. So we naturally did.
The Pickle Milkshake - Odyssey Pavilion Brew-Wings
The Pickle Milkshake - Odyssey Pavilion Brew-Wings /
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The EPCOT Food and Wine Festival does have some flavors that make you smile but for me, nothing was better than this flavor at the Brew-Wings counter at the Odyssey pavilion.

There are five types of wings you can order at the Brew-Wings. Traditional, Garlic Parm, Orange-Caramom, and the two flavors we were asked to try.

Unnecessarily spicy yet extremely tasty scotch bonnet pepper-curry wings.

Are they spicy? For those with a soft pallet, yes they are. Are they super spicy? For those with a soft pallet, yes they are. Are they tasty? Yes to put it "mildly". When I ordered them the castmember told me that they were very spicy as if Disney was making them all warn guests ahead of time.

On the tongue, the curry was popping. I love curry so this was a wonderful bite of juicy non-breaded goodness. Note, I do not like breaded chicken wings. As for the Scotch Bonnet flavor I wanted to taste, it was a little overwhelmed by the temperature of the wings, the curry flavored, and the spice that does come towards the end.

Overall, this was a good tasting wing with rich flavors of curry that sadly overwhelmed the other flavors they were going for. Still, it was worth the bite but the worst part is that they didn't compare to the best thing I've tasted at the F&W in years.

Peanut butter and jelly sticky wings

Peanut Butter and Jelly chicken Wings
PB&J sticky wings at the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival /

It sounds disgusting to some, to those who love PB&J it is intriguing. To taste them is like changing everything you know about food. Whoever came up with this should have a plaque made and hung up. I never would have though paring the two with chicken wings would be smart but I guess my outside the box thinking just wasn't up to par.

Sweet? Yes but so well balanced. There isn't an overwhelming peanut butter from a jar flavor or for that matter a slathered hunk of bread with jelly on it. It's a sticky sweet sauce that dances in your mouth. The chicken alone provides enough savory element to offset the peanut butter and hint of jelly that pulls it all together.

I'm not a fan of foods coming back from year to year but this one is a must when I go in October and hopefully next year as well. I wouldn't eat this every trip if I were going more than once in a week, and this past week I hit the F&W three times but only ate these once. Some things need to be savored and enjoyed one a time instead of overdoing it. I was so close to overdoing it!