EPCOT Food and Wine Festival: 5 Random tastes you asked for us to review

The EPCOT Food and Wine Festival is going strong now until October and you are probably tempted to go. We asked our readers for 5 random foods or drinks to try and review them. So we naturally did.

The Pickle Milkshake - Odyssey Pavilion Brew-Wings
The Pickle Milkshake - Odyssey Pavilion Brew-Wings /
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Italy - Cavatelli with Sweet Sausage and Burrata Cheese - A new dish for 2023

Pasta, sausage, and bacon at the Italy kiosk
EPCOT Food and Wine Festival Italian sampling /

Honestly, the flavor wasn't all that bad but it was more or less just pasta. As you can see in the images, what they show on the kiosk sign is far from what you actually receive. There wasn't much sausage and that left you tasting more of the pasta and sauce rather than the spice of the italian sweet sausage that would have upped the level of flavor.

The small amount of bacon wasn't horrible but you needed to mix it all together and when you did, you lost the bold fatty salted flavor of the bacon and the crunch. Had they spread the bacon out a bit more, it might have helped.

Overall, this isn't a bad dish but it could have been a lot better. I loved the garlic and the past was a perfect texture just needed a lot more sausage.

The most popular item that was requested for review was the Pickle Milkshake located in the Brew-Wing. You can find this in the Odyssey pavilion. The question is should you seek it out?

For starters, I liked this shake. It was perfect on a rather hot and humid day and it went well paired with the spicy curry chicken wings.

Flavor wise, it's more dill than pickle. There is a hint of pickle but overall, it's dill added to a shake and while it rather good, it might have been more interesting to have pickle chunks in it. Just something to add some depth and more of a pickle feel.

It was sweet and savory and when you did hit the dill or get a hint of pickle, the sour taste was a pleasant and almost welcomed dance on your tongue. For me, I wanted a second one but opted to skip another helping. I did mean to go back and try it a second time but didn't get the chance.

Would I get it again, yes. Should you try it? If you like pickles, dill especially, this is an interesting twist on something sweet you wouldn't expect to work well but does.