EPCOT: Germany expands their caramel apple lineup to rival Magic Kingdom

At EPCOT the Germany pavilion is now serving Disney themed apples!
At EPCOT the Germany pavilion is now serving Disney themed apples! /

Sometimes the gems of a theme park are found in the weirdest locations. For Disney World, that is the caramel apple. If you know... you know.

Let's back up a little bit first. For the last several years there were only two places to get the incredibly delicious caramel and sugar-coated apples: at Disney Springs and in the far back of Magic Kingdom in the Big Top tent gift and sweet shops.

The Big Top tent is located back in the kids' area of Magic Kingdom across from the Dumbo ride. Inside you will find a round check out with glass cases and inside those cases are all sorts of treats to indulge in; however, unlike the confectioners shop up front on Main Street USA, this shop has apples.

These apples are better than good. My wife has had me take a day off from my work travels to enter the park and head back to the tent to bring her one home all the way back in North Carolina. They are good enough that my wife will stop on the way to other destinations just to get one. But now she doesn't have to make a special trip to Magic Kingdom.

At EPCOT, caramel apples can be found at the Werthers store in World Showcase located at the German Pavilion. The apples, shall we say, were just okay. While Werther's caramel was luscious, there are now options and while they may not be as numerous as they are at Magic Kingdom, they are at least finally available in more than just caramel.

Disney apples at EPCOT
At EPCOT the Germany pavilion is now serving Disney themed apples! /

I was able to visit EPCOT recently and my wife texted me to bring a caramel apple home. Prepared to hop the monorail to Magic Kingdom, I luckily saw the sprinkled Mickey apple and the marshmallow ear and white chocolate Mickey apple.

Yes, the apples are worth their $12.00 cost, a $2.00 increase over the last couple of years. I am not a big sweet person so I tend to avoid the sugary prepared apples and gravitate to the solid chocolate instead.

The tartness of the inner green apple is pleasing on the pallet with a sweet and sour sensation that balances nicely so you can actually eat the whole thing or be disappointed when you didn't and opted to share the large apple.

The addition of this simple item to EPCOT is long overdue and should become a favorite spot for fans of the best apples you can find.