EPCOT News: The Fray replaces dropped Bacon Brothers at Eat to the Beat concert show

The Bacon Brothers was supposed to take the stage on August 13the and 14th but now, it will be the pop band The Fray after the Bacon Brothers show was dropped.

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My airline ticket is booked, the reservations were made for EPCOT on August 14th, everything was set but now, I guess the only bacon will be the strips I eat in the morning. The Food and Wine Festival "Eat to the Beat Concert Series" has dropped the Bacon Brothers from their show list.

Michael and Kevin Bacon, yes that same Kevin Bacon made famous by the Guardians of the Galaxy, will not be performing on August 13th and 14th. They have been dropped from the lineup without so much as a quiet tease as to why.

In their place will be the band, The Fray.

The Fray has plenty of great music including "Over My Head", "How to Save a Life", and "You Found Me".

The change, admittedly isn't a bad one. I am far more familiar with The Fray's music than I am with the Bacon Brothers but it would have been cool to see a group led by an iconic actor that most people don't get to see. The Bacon Brothers will start a tour later in the month but sadly, they are not on the ETTBCS list anymore.

Michael Bacon, Kevin Bacon
Bacon Brothers In Concert - Ocean City, NJ / Donald Kravitz/GettyImages

It is not unusual to see bands added and removed throughout the start of the concert series and things will happen during the course of the next couple of months that will change them as well. You can check the concert listings for updates on the Disney official site here, or simply check back with us and we will keep you updated!