EPCOT's massive fireworks barge is an eye sore that distracts from World Showcase

Soon, EPCOTs new Luminous nighttime spectacular will debut and light up the night sky around World Showcase.
"Epcot Forever"
"Epcot Forever" / Gerardo Mora/GettyImages

Luminous, The Symphony of Us is set to debut at EPCOT and the new barge that houses the pyrotechnique portion of the show has also arrived.

World Showcase has always been a great site to see. You could stand on the shore of the Mexico Pavilion and take in a grand view of the entire circle of nations. Over the years, that view changed as the World Showcase Lagoon flirted with new fireworks shows that brought different sized barges to the center of the lagoon.

The latest barge is massive and while the metal globe of Earth has been removed, purists may want to have it back. This barge is, to put it simply, distracting.

The beauty of World Showcase is gone and the view of the lake is, well, tainted. Personally, my favorite viewing spot in WS was from the Japan Pavilion looking out over the lagoon with Spaceship Earth across it. Judging by the images now, that view won't be the same.

EPCOT has been undergoing a lot of changes over the past four years so this is nothing surprising. There isn't much the Imagineers could do here to bring a new fireworks spectacular to EPCOT without having to absorb some of the beauty that surrounds this area of the park.

Hopefully, the fireworks show will be so good that no one will care and at night, no one actually will but during the daylight hours, the lagoon is once again changed and it will be up to your thoughts as to whether or not it is for the better or worse.