Five things we're excited about with the Disney Treasure

Disney's newest cruise ship is setting sail in 2024 and here are five things that make us want to book a trip on the Treasure!
The Disney Wish sailed out of Port Canaveral late Monday afternoon. Three other cruise ships sailed
The Disney Wish sailed out of Port Canaveral late Monday afternoon. Three other cruise ships sailed / MALCOLM DENEMARK/FLORIDA TODAY / USA

The Disney Treasure is about to set sail and provide another wonderful experience for guests who love to sail the seas with a Disney theme. Here are five things to be excited about with this new ship and why it may be the best yet in the Disney line. 

Currently under construction in Germany, the Treasure is a sister ship to the Disney Wish, which launched last year. So, there are a lot of similarities as Disney uses mostly the same designs for their ships. But the Treasure has a few differences in decor and style that set it apart and these five stand out. 

Plaza de Coco

This new dining experience picks up where the Pixar movie Coco left off. Guests can enjoy tables surrounding a stage where Coco and his family perform while dining on traditional Mexican fare. The first night is Coco and his living family performing, while a second night lets you travel to the afterlife in Santa Cecilia as Coco and his great-grandparents bring the songs to wonderful life. Mixed with a room laid out like the movies, this should be a great dinner and show experience. 

Jumbeaux’s Sweets

While Shanghai Disneyland gets a Zootopia-themed land, the Treasure gets a sweets shop based on the animated hit. In the bright pink Victorian-designed spot, guests can indulge in 35 flavors of handmade gelato, ice cream and sorbets, specialty treats, candies and more.

The Retro Feel Clubs

Disney is reaching into the past for several clubs and lounges based on classic attractions. Skipper Society is based on the Jungle Cruise with tributes to the witty skippers, jungle-themed items and even designed to feel like you’re under a jungle canopy. Periscope Pub is inspired by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with a steampunk feel, light brew and snacks and yes, there is an actual periscope installed. Also, there’s a version of the Worlds of Marvel restaurant/show with Spider-Man as the dominant theme. The retro feel also extends to the Tomorrow Tower Suite, set at the funnel area and looking like classic EPCOT Center. Able to house a family of eight, the Suites have 2,000 square feet of room and are worth a great look. 


Disney’s cruise ship water coasters are always fun and the Treasure is offering a great one. It brings back the idea of using screens with animated sequences, in this case, Curse of the Golden Egg, a new short as Mickey and Minnie explore a cursed tomb. That sparks the ride up as guests continue to enjoy the 760-foot-long coaster for a ride only Disney can provide. 

The wonderful family feel

Disney is truly making this a special place for families. The Grand Hall will be themed to Aladdin with a statue of the title character, a meet and greet and “special surprises.” Heihei Café is based on Moana, while the Jade Cricket Cafe is after the character from Mulan with some nice treats. Sarabi has an African motif from The Lion King and is home to kids' activities in the day and movies/adult exclusive shows at night. 

Throw in the mix of classic Disney Cruise stage shows (with a surprise new one coming) and all the perks the line is known for, the Disney Treasure should be offering an amazing experience when it sets sail December 21, 2024.