Frozen Disney Podcast: Return to the world of Arendelle for a new audio adventure in 'Forces of Nature'

For the first time in forever, we're returning to the beloved world of Frozen. The all-new Frozen Disney Podcast is set after the events of Frozen 2 and features an original, standalone adventure.

World Premiere Of Disney's "Frozen 2"
World Premiere Of Disney's "Frozen 2" / Jesse Grant/GettyImages

Although Disney has already confirmed plans for a Frozen 3, it seems we'll be returning to the land of Arendelle well before a third film hits theaters. Disney Publishing Worldwide announced this week plans for a brand new Frozen podcast.

Disney Frozen Podcast: Forces of Nature is set to arrive this October and will serve as an original, standalone adventure set after the events of Frozen 2. While Disney has often expanded its popular franchises across various mediums, including books, television and streaming, they've never attempted an audio-first extension of a Walt Disney animated franchise — until now with the first-ever Frozen podcast.

Disney Frozen Podcast's Season One: Forces of Nature will consist of 12 audio-first episodes. The story follows Queen Anna and Elsa as they travel to an Enchanted Forest and discover mysterious copper machines that are disrupting the natural order of things. Follow along on this all-new audio adventure as they seek to find the answers as to who built the machines, what they are doing in the forest and, more importantly, how to stop them.

In addition to featuring familiar voices, Disney Frozen Podcast: Season One: Forces of Nature will also introduce some new characters:

  • Queen Disa: After the passing of her father, Queen Disa is now the ruler of Sankershus, a kingdom plagued by floods. She possesses an "expertly scientific mind and loves to understand how things work." She arrives in Arendelle seeking help.
  • Lord Wolfgang: The Duke of Weselton's nephew who is currently on an apology tour to both make amends for his uncle's behavior as well as bring honor back to his country. He's always wiling to lend a helpful hand in any way he can, "especially with the application of copper." He's also an accomplished knitter, which I'm sure will be of use in some way during the story.
  • Astrid and Magnus: Lord Wolfgang's pet magpies who are "just normal" — except that they can also talk.

Season 1 of The DisneyFrozen Podcast: Forces of Nature arrives in October.