Get ready for an epic Bluey special on Disney+ in April!

The hit animated show Bluey is getting an extra-long special on Disney+ in April! Find out more here!
Bluey "Ghostbasket" - credit: Disney+
Bluey "Ghostbasket" - credit: Disney+ /

Get ready for an extra dose of Bluey, as not only is the hit animated show getting a fresh episode in April on Disney+, but a new 28-minute special! Here’s the details!

In just five years, Bluey has gone from a cute little Australian kids’ series into an international phenomenon. The nine-minute-long episodes focus on the title character, a bright and energetic young pup living with his family in Queensland. Each episode shows Bluey and his friends engaging in adventures with life lessons that often carry surprisingly mature themes. 

Quickly becoming one of the highest-rated shows in Aussie kids TV history, Bluey exploded in popularity when it began airing on Disney Junior and Disney+. Since then, Bluey has become a mainstay with merchandising, stage shows, and even the characters appearing at Disney parks. 

The show just began a new run of episodes in early 2024 on Disney+, and now word has come that the biggest-ever Bluey episode is arriving this April, which has fans excited. 

What’s the big Bluey special?

Per Deadline, the episodes will be the first global rollout for the series as it will first premiere on ABC Kids in Australia and then on Disney+, Disney Junior and Disney Channel. 

First will be a new episode, “Ghostbasket,” which premieres Sunday, April 7. Then, on April 14 comes “The Sign,” a 28-minute special, the longest in the show’s history. 

So far, details are tight on what the stories involve, as “Ghostbasket” sounds like a typical fun episode. “The Sign”, however, has fans buzzing on anything from a new arrival to the Bluey family to a cameo from some big celebrity. 

Either way, it’s a sign of how massively popular Bluey has become that expanding it into this epic episode promises some huge fun and, no doubt, a couple of huge entries on Disney+ in April. 

Bluey "The Sign" premieres on Disney+ Sunday, April 14.